1972 2.7 5 Speed Chassis # 00SB9341

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1972 2.7 5 Speed Chassis # 00SB9341

Postby hydropneumatic » November 15th, 2014, 12:30 am

Chassis No: 00SB9341
Build Date: May-72
Origin: USA
Engine No: 200.479
Engine Type: 2.7l Carby
Gearbox: 5 sp.
Colour: Brun Scarabee
Trim: Tabac Lthr.
Owner: Sean McMenomy
Location: NSW
Imported: 2000
Converted: LHD
Status: Show
History: Purchased from the original owner from Detroit in 2000 with all log books and only 42,000 mls.The car had been a High School graduation present for the then 16yo. It was lightly used and well serviced for 15 yrs only, then it was stored in a heated wharehouse when she married and had children.
After a 13yr hibernation and in totally original condition it was bought to Australia and returned to glory by SM Australia with a bare metal respray, an under bonnet rebuild and show standard presentation, winning the 2001 Bastille Day concourse as` Best SM`. The car is regularly driven and well serviced.
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