1973 3.0 5-speed chassis# 00SD0448

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1973 3.0 5-speed chassis# 00SD0448

Postby hydropneumatic » May 7th, 2015, 5:26 pm

May 2015
Miles: 38,000
Seller Description
This is a very original Citroen SM. Apart from having the obvious connection to Maserati (the SM is powered by the same Maserati engine as a Merak) this car is
about as quirky as a car can be ... and I like quirky cars!

This Citroen was sold new in Atlanta and still has a 1973 Georgia inspection sticker on the windshield. This is a one owner car. The car went into storage when the
owner got sick. He eventually passed away and the car went to his son. The Citroen only has 38K original miles and not a speck of rust or accidents!
Interior is extremely nice for its age and has a great smell. Even the radio is the original. Has its originals manuals and tools.

The body is in really good condition with very good gaps. The paint was redone many years ago and is in average condition. The door jambs and around teh
engine compartment is still the original grey paint.

The storage conditions were very good which explains why the car is so well preserved. Of course the hydraulics had the be serviced, carbs rebuilt and oil
changed... the usual stuff when waking a car after a long hibernation. It even had the original Michelin tires, which had to be replaced for safety reasons.
Engine runs very good with plenty of power. Clutch, gearbox and brakes operate normally. Gauges and lights are in working order with the exception of the air
conditioner and clock.

I read somewhere that a total of 12,785 SM were built. Of those, only 1,612 were equipped with the larger 3-litre Maserati V-6 engine (series SD, of which this is
one). Of those a significant number had the automatic transmission. This car has the more desirable 5-speed gearbox..

Comes with the tools, manuals, spare tire, etc. This car is for someone that appreciates originality.
1972 Citroen SM
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