1972 2.7 Automatic chassis # 00SB6508

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1972 2.7 Automatic chassis # 00SB6508

Postby hydropneumatic » May 31st, 2015, 8:39 pm

May 28, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Miles: 72,907
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior: Brown
Interior: Tan
Seller Description
Citroen SM, manufactured for 3 years when Citroen briefly owned Maserati in the 1970s. This car has a 6 cylinder Maserati engine which runs with an automatic transmission. Car was always in New Mexico, so no rust other than some surface rust. Car is complete, everything there. There is a dent in the driver's door. The previous owner was run into in the driver's door, nowhere else on the car. But he parked it in 1992 and never drove it again. Suspension still works but is leaking. Engine runs, transmission works, body is good except for the dent in driver's door (see photo). Car ran perfectly when parked in 1992, needs lots of TLC to bring it back to life. Exterior is complete, one small piece of chrome missing near taillights, everything else intact. Interior is complete, but seats are ripping and dashboard is cracked. Paint is a 'burned" gold/brown with a patina on it. Glass is all there, including glass between the headlights for the front license plate (which currently has a French 'shipping plate" in it. Car was started within past few weeks, now in storage. Pneumatic suspension works but leaks. Hoses are mostly rotted away or split due to age and hot NM desert sun. Car needs complete restoration, but is a true barn find and will be wonderful when fully restored. Purchased from a charity where the original owner had donated it after letting it sit for 20+ years. Please ask if any questions. CAR IS SOLD AS IS, NO WARRANTIES. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS AND COSTS. Payment is with PayPal, $500 at end of sale, balance within 5 days. Can assist on this end to get car picked up.

Q: nice SM, please tell me the VIN from this SM, it is important to know if it is a 2.7 or 3.0 modell. You can find it on a small metal plate next to the steering. Thanks & regards May-26-15
A: My mechanic who works on these says it is a 3.0 model. But I will be posting photos of the VIN and engine compartment this afternoon.
Q: Hello from France, is it possible to know the Vin ? ( 3 possibility : 00sb xxxx , 01sb xxxx or 00sd xxxx ). Many thanks and best regards. May-26-15
A: I will be posting photos of the engine and VIN this afternoon - this car is American version, so does not have the 3 headlights like the European version.
Q: can you emsil pictures of the engine compartment? Also, shippers want to know if it can be driven steered and stopped. Do you have an ignition key for it? George May-26-15
A: I will be posting pics of the engine compartment later today, I have to get down to the car. The car can be steered and stopped, but not driven at the moment. And yes I have the ignition keys for it.
Q: I'm interested in buying your SM, but before I'm willing to bid, I need accurate answers to some specific questions. 1) Do you have a clear transferable title for the car? If so, please send me a photo or scan copy of it. If you wish to block out the owner's name thats fine. What I want to see is that the VIN number matches the tags on the car, and that the reverse side where buyer and seller sign is clear of writing. 2) Could you post a photo of one of the VIN number tags? You can find it in 3 places, on the drivers side A pillar, near the door hinges, b) on the lower front corner of the dashboard, or attached to the left side steering column, and c) on the right side chassis, under the hood, behind the right steering relay. I'm very knowledgeable about these cars, and some details in your photos (dash, front bumper, tail lights) point towards the car being a 72 model. If you care to know why I can explain it to you. 3) can I see some underhood photos of the motor? Thanks Eric May-26-15
A: I have a clean transferable title. It is currently in my name, I purchased the car from a charity auction. If you will give me an email I will take photos of it and send them to you. The car is in storage and I have had several requests for the VIN verification so I will be posting those photos later today - I have to get to the car itself. More later, please watch the listing. Thank you.
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1972 Citroen SM
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