1973 2.7 5-speed chassis# 00SD1130

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1973 2.7 5-speed chassis# 00SD1130

Postby hydropneumatic » May 7th, 2015, 6:16 pm

Kensington, on May 28, 1999
Miles: 60918
Comments from sportscarmarket.com
Quick old repaint with bad orange peel. Tired but useable original interior, fair chrome. Good door fits. Tired and shaky. No idea if it can raise itself from the escargot position. Condition 4+
Exterior: Blue
Interior: Black

Sold: $17,085
February 3, 2013
Mattituck, New York USA
Miles: 64,973

Exterior: Teal
Interior: Black leather
Seller Description
If you seek a car with literally gobs of character, look no further. I am pleased to offer this unique and stylish 1973 5-speed Citroen SM. This example is a US model, extremely original with very low correct mileage (64,XXX miles). VIN # is 00SD1130. Two previous owners.

According to the owner: The gentleman that I got it from didn't have the hydraulics attended to, so the car settled, and remained stored and covered in his garage for many years. I flat-bedded it away and went through the entire car from bumper to bumper, including inspecting the engine internally (and checking for chain wear/slack). treating it properly for starting, tuning it so that it runs smoothly, smoke and leak-free, and is very powerful (as you might expect a Maserati powered car to be). The entire hydraulic system was flushed, cleaned, with all reservoirs replaced with new ones, and the system is now fully sorted and works perfectly (steering, clutch, brakes and suspension).

As good as it looks, the car runs better. It is pleasure (and an experience) to drive, with motorcyle-like steering, the smoothest imaginable ride, and plenty of grunt from the Maserati engine and Webers (original).

The paint on the car must have been done years ago, but other than a few touch-ups, retains its excellent appearance (far too nice to repaint). It's my favorite color for these cars, a Medium Teal Blue. The chrome and stainless is perfect. The interior, other than one crack in the dash (they all cracked in the same places) is mint. The front seats have no tears or dry rot (very common on these cars). The dash lights and instruments all work and are beautiful. Tires are full tread, match and look new. The car comes with hard-to-find shop and owner's manuals.

In summary, overall, an excellent, highly original, and fully-sorted example of The Car of the Year for 1973, and one that grows more fascinating and respected as time goes by. Think of it: Hydraulic steering, brakes, clutch and self-levelling suspension, 5-speed synchro transmission, 4 overhead cam engine, Weber carbs, disc brakes all around... 40 years ago.
BTW, the driving sensation of operating one of these cars is like nothing you've experienced or could imagine. The steering is motorcycle precise (no exaggeration), the wheel automatically returns to neutral, even when parking, the brakes offer a progressive feel that really adds to control, and the engine revs freely for spirited acceleration and high speeds. The gear box is precise with the ratios ideally spaced. Remember, this was Citroen's statement to the World of its highest automotive prowess and was intended to be the finest car of its time.
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1972 Citroen SM
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